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Using Canvas Tote Bags For School Supplies

Using Canvas Tote Bags For School Supplies

One of the excellent gifts for teachers is the custom canvas bag because each day teachers have to carry
their school stationery and supplies such as books and papers to and from school.

canvas tote bag


Teachers are experts
who commit themselves to ensuring that their students lives are better and yet they do not get so much
because of their efforts. Appreciating a teacher in a unique way is not something that ought to be too
expensive. A canvas tote bag that has been customize is one remarkable idea of gift that can be used to show
appreciation to a teacher. This is an extremely practical but affordable idea that will go a long way in
showing a teacher that you are extremely grateful because of their dedication and commitment to their
profession which is not forever shown adequate appreciation.

Canvas tote bags


Teachers forever have a lot on their hands and the teachers bag that has been mainly custom designed
is a remarkable gift idea that will help in different ways. The teacher canvas tote bag is perfect for toting books
from the teachers home to the staff room or classroom that can be designed in charming colors and
presented to be the best teacher in the planet.


Canvas tote bag


With a teacher canvas tote bag, the teacher can be capable to

carry school all the books and all other supplies needed for the teacher to continue providing the
students with standard education. The canvas tote bag will especially have sufficient room for the
teacher to carry everything that is needed to school.
A teachers tote bag can be mainly custom designed with a particular teacher in mind using bright and
sweet colors that make the tote bag pretty charming and stunning to carry around.

Canvas Tote Bags



Teachers are
people who inspired, educate and empower people lives and one way to give something back to them
and present them appreciation is to present them with tote bags that are made to their specific


canvas bag


These bags can be custom made by adding a teachers name or specific subject.
A custom designed canvas tote bag is actually a stunning gift that any teacher will value and enjoy for
years to come. Just be sure that you make the tote bag specifically for the teacher, the bag should be
custom personalized with the teachers name and a wonderful and special graphic designs. Long after a
school day has ended, a teachers work will continue well into the night sometimes with preparation for
lessons for the next school day, the grading of tests, papers and many more and other details.


Canvas bags

Using Canvas Bags On Trade Show

Using Canvas Bags On Trade Show

Using Canvas Bags On Trade Show

During the last couple of years we have seen a continue rise in the usage of canvas bags.

People have started to replace their habits and gradually change their reliance on plastic bags to using canvas bags.


Canvas Tote Bags
Shopping bags have forever been used a source of marketing for many retail stores.

Part of the American physique is the image of a shopper struggling with lots of shopping bags as they walk down
the street.

From a business viewpoint the use of advertising on shopping bags is a remarkable marketing

Due to the atmosphere changes and worries in customer attitudes many big retailers are producing
variety of canvas Tote bags.


Cute Canvas Tote Bags

And, just like with paper shopping and plastic bags, canvas bags are now being
used in a promotional style.

Promotional bags are best marketing tool they are usually handed out free at promotional events.

The bags generally contain samples of the company products offerings. The firm logo would also be displayed on the side of the bag.

Until recently the bags were generally made of paper or plastic and we
are usually discarded once the products were used. Now firms are realizing the marketing opportunities
while manufacturing promotional bags in canvas style bags. For starters canvas bags are recyclable
meaning they can used over and again. Instead of the bag being throw out after the marketing ends the
consumer can reuse the bag, which in turn provides you free advertising the more people you have
walking around with your bag the excellent. Consumers are more likely to respect to your firm happily if
you are seen as trying to do something right by the atmosphere. Another best thing about canvas bags is
that they are more strong than plastic bags, which means you can fit more promotional material in the
With the atmosphere being such a vital problem these days it is vital that firms take the lead and begin
using and promoting green substitutes like canvas Tote bags trade shows are vital tool for promoting a firm
and typically 1000s of plastic bags are used at these events.


Cheap Tote Bags

There are lots of marketing opportunities
accessible if firms switched to using promotional bags made out of canvas instead of using the
affordable plastic bag. While firms are trying to cut costs and look for the affordable options the long-
term marketing opportunities for using promotional canvas bags instead of plastic outweigh the primary

Decorating Canvas Tote Bags

Decorating Canvas Tote Bags

Decorating Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags make remarkable gifts, and they are also a stunning way to carry thing around town or
home from the shop. On their own, they can a bit blah, but you can kick their style level up a notch with
some easy additions.


Canvas Bags

The key is using special decorating techniques to express your own personal style.
Lacy abstract painted pattern
Fabric paint in your picked colors can help you change a simple Cute canvas tote into a real work of art. You
can use stencils for an extra uniform look, but using little paintbrushes lets you make a delicate, lacy
pattern freehand. This is a simple project that makes a fun girls night activity.

Things you will need
 Very little paintbrushes
 Fabric paint in your favorite shades
 Practice fabric
Plain canvas tote bag


What to do
1) Drip your brush in one of the paint colors.

2) Use the paint to your practice fabric, permitting the brush to fan out a little for texture. Try
some different holds on the paintbrush, experiment with offering it a pretty swoop at the end.

3) When you are ready, move on to the canvas tote bag. Use one shade of paint at a time to keep
the pattern uniform.

4) Permit the bag to dry fully before using it.
Other options

Add buttons
Buttons come in various styles, so it is simple to include some that compliment your look. You can add
huge buttons where each strap meets the main part of the tote, or you can include buttons going down
the front like a shirt. Sew them on if you are handy with needle, or use warm glue if you do not want to
take the time.

Cheap Canvas Tote Bags
Decorate the straps
You do not have to change the straps to provide a tote a fresh look. You can just use fabric glue to apply
bright ribbon right over the existing straps. Pick a patterned ribbon for a thrill look for a strong color for
a more classic appearance.
Try a flower

You can also include a simple to your tote. Buy a flower at the craft store and glue or pin it where one of
the strap meets the body of the tote.

Experiment with different looks
There is no need to settle for blah canvas tote bag when you can include a personal touch with just a
few materials and a pretty time. Experiment with different looks so you have one of every outfit or

Using Canvas Tote Bags On Wedding Plan

Using Canvas Tote Bags On Wedding Plan

Canvas tote bags for weddings are the latest trends used to welcome your guests to your event and set them in the right mood for the big day. They should not be used to replace the thank you notes, but it is going an extra mile to tell your guests that you appreciate them gracing your occasion and for their support. They are easy to personalize depending on the color, size and the design that you want.Canvas Tote Bags


There are several designs available to choose from, but you can also design your own, and work with it. Additionally, if what you have in mind is a bit vague, you can describe it to the designer to come up with a unique yet classy design for the big day. It is the best welcome gift for your guests filled with many memorable gifts. 


Cheap Tote Bags


The amount you are willing to spend on the Jumbo canvas tote bags in entirely up to you. You can go for the expensive and lavish Plain canvas bags filled with expensive gifts for your bridal team and your guests. Alternatively, you can go for the cheap Tote Bags, simple yet elegant and classy designs with equally simple gifts. There are some that are even homemade which significantly cuts on the costs. The number of guests also will determine the price. If they are many, then the cost will be more as compared to a few guests. However, you can decide to give the Canvas tote bags to a few close friends or high profile guests if you cannot manage to have each for all your guests. 

Canvas Bags

Delivering the Canvas bags to your guests

Canvas Tote bags are a great way of welcoming your guests to the party mood. However, sometimes getting them to the guests can be a real headache especially if they are many or far away. Below are some ideas on how you can make this easy, fun and productive:

  •   You can decide to make arrangements with the hotel where the guests will stay to make the deliveries. They may charge a minimal fee, but it will be worth it at the end of the day. You can rest assured that all the guests intended to get the bags will have them on time since they get them as they check into their rooms. However, you will have to give the hotel some few days to organize them to ensure delivery is as intended.
  •   If your guests are not too many, you can decide to deliver the bags yourself. Get assistance from your bridal party to make it faster and more fun. It is the best way to go about it since your guests appreciate your effort more. It feels personalized and well thought of as well.
  •   There are those that are not very bulky while empty that you can slip under the door after your guests check in. It is a creative and smart way to make the whole event fun and memorable. There is no need to get a headache over how to make the delivery, even the easiest and simple ways can make all the difference to your guests. 


Canvas tote Bags

What to put in the Canvas tote bag

There are countless options that you can fill it. What to go for will depend on your category of guests, the type of wedding reception and your budget among others.

  •   Most of the guests that will come for your big day will be in town for a few days. Plan several activities for them to take part. Having a weekend schedule or work plan inside the canvas tote bags will go a long way in helping your guests have a good time after the wedding. The programs are easy to generate using your computer or have them custom made with personalized messages. 
  •   Since they will be outdoors for the better part of the day, you can decide to fill the bags with snacks and drinks if you want to look fancy. You need to keep it simple and work within your budget. Also, consider to include both sweet and salty options depending on what each of the guests will like. 
  •   Other useful items like safety pins, wipes, lip balm, aspirin and sunscreen among others are an option. These are items that the guests are likely to need though under unforeseen circumstances. You can also include personalized local items like a postcard that will describe the theme of your wedding. 


Canvas tote bags

Gifts according to season

Fall: this is the perfect time to relax and be in a happy, relaxed mood. The leaves are changing color, and the air around is clean and crisp. Fill the tote bags with fruits for the season and probably a scented candle for the evening as they relax after a long fun day. 

Winter: weddings held during winter are fun, but also many challenges associated with the weather. Therefore in the Canvas tote bags, have something to warm up your guests like hot coco essentials. For those who would want a different kind of warming up, you can have them a bottle of champagne. You can also have some over the counter medications for those who will catch a cold as well as vitamin C booster for their immune system. 

Spring: spring weddings are the perfect sign to start fresh and new things. You can have a selection of herbal teas as well as tea mugs in the bags. Also, include cookies and few edible fruits and flowers that go with the flowery season. 

Summer: this is the hottest time of the year, start your gift pack with the most favorite treat for your guests; ice cream. Additionally, alcohol for the adults will be a great way to pass the time in the evenings under the skies or even indoors. You can also have a reusable water bottle that can be filled on the go to keep hydrated. 

Custom Tote Bags


Personalized canvas tote bags are a perfect way to make your day even more memorable to your guests. They are the best kind of thank you note to your guests which ensures that they enjoy the day and a few days to follow.  

Using Canvas Tote Bags On Craft Projects

Using Canvas Tote Bags On Craft Projects

Using Canvas Tote Bags On Craft Projects

Do you have plain Canvas Tote Bags and have plenty of free time on your hands? Well, this

might be the right time to explore your creativity.
Materials needed
Canvas tote bags
• Paper Doily
• Spray adhesive
• Fabric paint
• A small paint brush
• Freezer paper
• A piece of cardboard the size of the canvas tote bags
• X-Acto knife
• Iron box
Getting started
Setting the design: smear the rough underside of the doily with adhesive and press it hard on
the section of the canvas tote bags you want designing. Leave part of the doily hanging or not
stuck on the tote for ease of removal when done. Using the paintbrush, apply fabric paint on
the doily, careful not to touch the sides.
Immediately after applying the fabric paint and while the paint is still wet, peel of the Doily
starting from the ganging edge, in case it tears while not completely off the Cute canvas tote bags,
remove the remaining pieces and then leave the paint to dry completely.
As for the monogram that you want to use, type the letter on a computer word document.
Choose the font size and type that you want. Print it out on a piece of paper. Trace out the
printout on a freeze paper and do away with the printout. Place the freeze paper on the
cardboard and use the X-acto knife to cut out the letter. Discard the letter to remain with the
stencil. Place the matte stencil upside down at the middle of the doily design, or wherever you
want it on the canvas tote bags. Press down with an iron box set to the highest temperature.
Do not move the iron up and down. Fill in the letter with paint, allow it to dry then remove the
freezer paper.

Canvas Tote Bags

Finalizing: press the doily and the letter with an iron set to the highest temperature for about a
minute. It ensures that paint and monogram do not come off in future while you are washing
the canvas tote bags.

Custom Canvas Tote Bags For Family Reunion

Custom Canvas Tote Bags For Family Reunion

Custom Canvas Tote Bags For Family Reunion
Custom canvas tote bags are perfect gifts to set the right mood for the get-together party and make the day more
memorable. They are printed to celebrate each family member in the family tree. They come in different
sizes, colors and the decorations of your choice.

What to put in the bags
Custom jumpo canvas tote bags for family reunions need not come empty. You can have a few items for each of the
family members in the bag depending on their age, gender, tastes, and preferences.
• Small photo albums would be a perfect gift. These are meant to store the many photos taken that day

Canvas Tote Bags

for memories sake. Photo frames are also in this category for that perfect family photo.
• A family recipe, cookbook, and a coffee mug will go a long way in making memories on this day.
Personalize each of these for all family members then put in the custom cute canvas tote bags.
• The kids also should not be left out. You can buy them bubbles, kites, tubs of chalk among other toys

Canvas Tote Bags
that they can use to have fun throughout the day and even after the get-together.
• There should also be a joint gift for everyone in all the bags. Things like branded t-shirts, hats, and
reusable water bottles are the perfect gifts to crown the event.
Canvas Tote Bags
Design your custom Canvas tote bags
There are endless options to choose from when it comes to custom Canvas tote bags. Manufacturers have libraries
where you can load your photos, logos, and names or select from what they have on display. Additionally,
in case you do not want to spend a lot of money on them or are working on a limited budget, decorating
them with your own hands would be a perfect idea as long as you have the right tools and the creativity.

Canvas tote Bags

Custom Tote Bags For A Tradeshow Giveaway

Custom Tote Bags For A Tradeshow Giveaway

 Custom Tote Bags For A Tradeshow Giveaway

Custom tote bags are a perfect way to pull in customers into your business premises. They come in different sizes with the theme color of your business and the name written on the sides. They come in different designs as well such as having many pockets, zipper or buttons for closing at the top, adjustable or fixed straps as well as different materials. Reusable tradeshow giveaway tote bags are the best to go for since the clients will have it for a long time, which in return is a way of advertising for your business.


Choosing the best custom tote bag for a trade show giveaway

  1. The material. There are several materials that you can choose from, but the best and the most common one is cotton and non-woven polypropylene. The two types come at different prices; therefore you will go for the one most affordable. Cotton bags are long lasting and are eco-friendly as well, therefore, are used many times. High profile companies prefer these. The non -woven polypropylene made from molten waste plastics then processed into threads are then woven together. Their durability will depend on how thick the strands are. They are cheaper though are still eco-friendly. They are also water resistant and easy to clean since one wipes off the dirt.
  2. Size. Different sizes depend on what you want. Small size is handy when gifting small items or wants to carry just something little, best used for corporate functions. The midsized bags are the best for trade shows. They can fit a notebook and a pen and company magazines. The large custom tote bags are best if you want a bag your customers can use in the future to carry many items such as groceries. They should be durable enough and easy to clean.
  3. Features. These are features like handles, side or inner pockets and the zipper or button. There are others that also fold into a small pouch when not in use to make it easy to carry when they are empty. The little bags need to have a short handle and probably a zipper while the big ones need have a big handle that you can carry with your shoulders and do not necessarily need to have a zipper to avoid limiting the number of goods one can bring with it.


Promotional items to put in the custom tote bags

Tradeshows are events that you should capitalize on to grow your clientele. It is the time when you will get more customers to increase your sales, but you have to attract them in the first place. Giving away custom tote bags with promotional items is a great way to make potential clients gain interest in your business and make a purchase.

  • Catalog: this is the one opportunity that you have to tell the world about your business within the shortest time possible. You can either chose to explain to them by word of mouth of or give them a summarized guide about your business that they can take home.
  • Stress ball: this is something fun to have at the desk and one which your customers will much appreciate. To always remind them where it came from, have your company logo and name on it.
  • Branded screen cleaners are the way to go. They are small and conveniently fit at the back of your phone which you peel off when you need to clean your phone screen and then stick it back. There can never be a better giveaway for smartphone users.
  • Trucker hats: when given to the right target audience, this would be a great giveaway to have in the custom tote bags. For best results, have the company logo engraved at the front of the cap. Men are the best target group to give this as compared to the ladies.
  • Cup covers: these are things you will not remember to buy but come in handy when having a drink outdoors. They have large spaces to print your logo and even company names. These are an excellent way for your target audience to enjoy their favorite beverages outside and continuously reminded of your business.
  • Notebooks and pens: if your clients need to note down something as they go round your premises, then this would be the best giveaway. If you have to explain complex ideas or calculations or easy to forget points, then don’t leave these two out.


Advantages of using custom tote bags

  • Nearly a third of the customers who will come to your premises will have known about your business without you having spent a coin on it. No matter where you live, each day you see many tote bags in use, and you get to know of a new company. It is therefore of utmost importance to ensure that as many bags as possible are out there doing the marketing for you.
  • There is a wide variety of custom tote bags available in the market to suit your needs. There are those that are cheap or expensive, different sizes, different materials, and different colors. It gives you a wide range of options to buy. They are therefore not limiting.
  • There is always the option of hand making your design from scratch. It would be the cheapest way to go even though could be tiresome and labor intensive. But the possibilities are limitless, and you could come up with unique and easy to make designs at a low price. It is beneficial more so for the small businesses.

The idea of custom tote bags for tradeshow giveaway is to ensure that whenever your clients see that bag, they remember the name and logo of your business. It, therefore, increases the chances of them coming back later for more purchases or referring other customers to your premises. It is a way of marketing your business that is very effective once you choose the best bags that work for you. Furthermore, you will not need to break the bank to use tote bags at the tradeshow because they are fairly affordable.

Canvas Tote Bags For Welcome Party

Canvas Tote Bags For Welcome Party

Canvas Tote Bags For Welcome Party

The chances are that when you have a party, you will not be in a position to welcome all your guests personally once they arrive. It is more so the case if you are having many guests or have a tight schedule. However, this need not wear you out; all you need are canvas tote bags with gifts for your guests to make them feel right at home even without you personally welcoming them.

However, you need to pass out the right message to your guests. The canvas tote bags need feel like they were made and designed with each of the guests in mind. It, therefore, dictates that you avoid monograms as well as names. The reason for this is that you do not want a name or monogram that does not represent some guests and they end up not liking the gift. If you have to write anything on the bags, let it be statements that describe the party or where it is going to be.

 Canvas Tote Bag

Things to put in the canvas tote bags

It would not seem very appropriate to pass out canvas tote bags to your guests if they are empty and you do not intend to give them gifts to carry them in. However, this need not worry you as many great ideas exist that do not necessarily have to burn holes into your pockets:


Custom Tote Bags

  • Depending on what type of party that you are holding and where it will be, you will want to have a road map to the venue and also the schedule. It makes it easy for your guests to find the location and follow on the event's lineup.
  • Drinks and snacks would be a great idea. If the guests intend to stay at the party for long, you will need to give them something to nibble on. Have a few drinks and snacks in each of the canvas tote bags.
  • Other useful items such as sunscreen, lip balm, reusable water bottles, safety pins among others might come in handy more so if the party will be for several days and away from retail outlets where they can buy them.




For years, we have always on the hunt for what’s easier. It may be because as cavemen we
were hunters and gathers. Hunting for that easy meal and easy is best simply because it makes
life easier. But, humankind may have been traumatized from all that energy that went into
hunting that we took easy, to a whole other level! Nowadays, with a press of a finger, you get
meals delivered to your door; for a small fee. You get electricity straight to your TV; with a small
fee. You get food already cut up and processed for you to make it last longer and more
convenient; with a small fee. For the most part, everything that is easy comes with a fee.
Using plastic bags came with a fee that we’re now paying the price for. Plastic bags have really
played a role in harming our environment. Of course, plastic bags are only one component to
an array of different other items harming our environment, however, most plastic bags cannot
be recycled and contain toxins within them, that are expelled into the soil and our lands once
they’ve made their way to our garbage. Plastic bags are used by the millions around the world.
Sadly, many have no idea why plastic bags are dangerous to the environment, to animals and us
humans. How could something so convenient be so harmful?
How many bags do you request for once you’ve loaded all your groceries to the conveyor belt
at the grocery store? When shopping at a retail store, how often have we seen one little tiny
top thrown into an oversized plastic bag? Unfortunately, the answer is more often than we
should. Majority of plastic bags are not bio-degradable. They do not break down into the soil so
that it can be used again for other species or our land to use. Instead, they release toxins into
the soil. Even worse, plastic bags are notorious for killing wildlife. Many suffocate in them as
they peak their heads inside as they’re littered all over their homes, or choke on them thinking
its food. Simultaneously, these bags are making their way to our oceans, again causing the
same harm they cause on land, with our marine life. Aquatic animals get stuck in them; choke
on them, all for the sake of human convenience.
Governments, over the years, have tried to lower the use of plastic bags by having a cost for
each bag used for some stores. Some places, have wonderfully banned them altogether.
Regrettably, this is still not enough. So what can we do to help greatly minimize this impact on
our environment?
An enormous solution to this problem is using reusable bags. Reusable bags are just that.
Reusable! Instead of throwing them out, using them over and over again prevents more
garbage going into our landfills and into our environment. Canvas tote bags, unlike regular tote
bags are a lot sturdier and durable making them last years. Canvas tote bags are made of sturdy
fabrics and some are made with leather handles and bottoms allowing you to carry great

amounts in them without ripping apart. Rather than tossing them out after every usage, tucking
them back in the trunk of your car having them readily available for whenever they’re required,
will help avoid using any plastic bags in the future. Some of the canvas tote bags that are made
are also made from bio-degradable material that breaks down if ever thrown out. The usage of
canvas tote bags can eliminate tonnes of garbage and minimize trash in our landfills, lessening
our footprint on Earth.
The usage of canvas tote bags have increased over the years. Many pay the higher upfront price
to them, but consider them a small investment for their everyday lives. What’s even better is
that canvas tote bags are not just meant for groceries, but beautifully designed canvas tote

Canvas Tote Bags
bags are used for travelling, gym bags, an everyday purse, promotional gifts an organization can
use to give away, just about anything. They truly have become the latest it item to carry around
with you for your everyday tasks and errands. They don’t hold onto bad odors as most of the
materials used to make them are breathable. They’re easy to use and easy to wash and being
sustainable is one of the greatest perks to using them.
Canvas tote bags, although many may think they’re your average tote bag, are not just that.

Canvas tote bags are made with much higher end materials and can portray more intricate
designs on them; some even strong enough to become laptop carriers. Despite the materials
used to make them stronger, they maintains its lightweight consistency. Some are intricately
made with some containing more than one compartment. So rather than having just the main
opening of the bag, it can have side pockets, zippers inside with more pockets for additional
compartments and because the material is a lot stronger than your average tote bag you’re
able to comfortably carry really heavy items that would either rip a regular plastic or tote bag. It
can withstand elaborate designs that can withhold detailed logos. On top of all that, they can
withhold higher heat temperatures allowing you to take electronics such as laptops, heating
hair tools and the sort.
In the long run, investing in canvas tote bags is important because using them on a regular basis
will help lessen the amount of garbage entering our environment. Letting family members and
friends borrow them occasionally doubles its use and purpose. They’re versatility cannot steer
you wrong and they simply assist you with everyday errands. If you choose to buy in bulk,
consider the fact that it is a lot better than buying them individually if your sole purpose to use
them is for grocery shopping. Paying that one initial price at the start will help save you cash in
the long run. Buying them individually and using them like a purse, gym bag, laptop bag,
luggage bag is also cost efficient knowing that they will last you a long time, especially with how
popular they’ve become in the last years and seeing no sign of slowing down!


How Easy It Is To Print On Tote Bag With Bagandtote.Com

How Easy It Is To Print On Tote Bag With Bagandtote.Com

It is impressive to get the design and art on your custom tote bag. There are easy and few steps that take little time to make different personalized designs.

Printing on tote bags and transform them from being of one color a different appearance is an easy task. The following are easy steps on how to print on tote bags with


To make the bag look so professional, you will need a plain canvas tote of any color that will be printed, an iron to set the cotton, fabric paint, masking tape which is usually used as a border to avoid paint crossing to unwanted areas of the bag, and paintbrush.


The first step is to lay the tote on a flat surface that will leave no folds. The surface should also be level on both sides. Use the masking tape to tape off the first design on either side of the bag.

Make sure that the tape is glued to the bag. Pour the paint on an open container and paint the design without crossing the border set by the masking tape. The paint should be applied evenly with much attention to the edges and vertices of the set design.

The paint should then be allowed some minutes to dry. Other colors can be repeated in other parts of the bag. The colors and designs should conform to each other. The colors should again be allowed to dry for at least ten to twenty minutes.  

Cardboard is usually placed inside the bag to avoid penetration of paint to the interior. Iron is then used to set the paint on the cotton setting.


These steps prove how easy it is to print on a tote bag with You should apply them in designing your custom tote bag.

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