100% Cotton Sheeting Eeconomical Tote Bag with All Side Gusset


$2.94 $3.35

The 100% Cotton Sheeting Economical Tote Bag is a practical and versatile accessory designed for everyday use. Here are the key details of this tote bag:


  • Fabric: Made from 100% cotton sheeting, offering a lightweight yet durable construction.


  • Size:
    • Width: 15 inches
    • Height: 16 inches
    • Gusset (Side Expansion): 3 inches
    • This size provides ample space for carrying books, groceries, or personal items.


  • All Side Gusset: The 3-inch gusset expands the bag's capacity, making it suitable for bulkier items.
  • Imprint Area:
    • Width: 12 inches
    • Height: 13 inches
    • The large imprint area allows for significant branding or decorative designs, making it ideal for promotional purposes.


  • This tote bag is an economical choice for various purposes such as shopping, carrying educational materials, or as a giveaway item at events.
  • Its simple design and large capacity make it a practical choice for everyday use while also offering ample space for custom printing.


  • Eco-Friendly: Made from natural cotton, this bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags.
  • Reusable: Durable cotton material ensures the bag can be used multiple times, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
  • Customizable: The large imprint area allows businesses or individuals to add their logos, slogans, or artwork, making it a great tool for brand visibility.

This 100% Cotton Sheeting Economical Tote Bag combines functionality with eco-consciousness, making it a versatile and sustainable choice for both personal and promotional use.

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