Custom Tote Bags For A Tradeshow Giveaway

Custom Tote Bags For A Tradeshow Giveaway

 Custom Tote Bags For A Tradeshow Giveaway

Custom tote bags are a perfect way to pull in customers into your business premises. They come in different sizes with the theme color of your business and the name written on the sides. They come in different designs as well such as having many pockets, zipper or buttons for closing at the top, adjustable or fixed straps as well as different materials. Reusable tradeshow giveaway tote bags are the best to go for since the clients will have it for a long time, which in return is a way of advertising for your business.


Choosing the best custom tote bag for a trade show giveaway

  1. The material. There are several materials that you can choose from, but the best and the most common one is cotton and non-woven polypropylene. The two types come at different prices; therefore you will go for the one most affordable. Cotton bags are long lasting and are eco-friendly as well, therefore, are used many times. High profile companies prefer these. The non -woven polypropylene made from molten waste plastics then processed into threads are then woven together. Their durability will depend on how thick the strands are. They are cheaper though are still eco-friendly. They are also water resistant and easy to clean since one wipes off the dirt.
  2. Size. Different sizes depend on what you want. Small size is handy when gifting small items or wants to carry just something little, best used for corporate functions. The midsized bags are the best for trade shows. They can fit a notebook and a pen and company magazines. The large custom tote bags are best if you want a bag your customers can use in the future to carry many items such as groceries. They should be durable enough and easy to clean.
  3. Features. These are features like handles, side or inner pockets and the zipper or button. There are others that also fold into a small pouch when not in use to make it easy to carry when they are empty. The little bags need to have a short handle and probably a zipper while the big ones need have a big handle that you can carry with your shoulders and do not necessarily need to have a zipper to avoid limiting the number of goods one can bring with it.


Promotional items to put in the custom tote bags

Tradeshows are events that you should capitalize on to grow your clientele. It is the time when you will get more customers to increase your sales, but you have to attract them in the first place. Giving away custom tote bags with promotional items is a great way to make potential clients gain interest in your business and make a purchase.

  • Catalog: this is the one opportunity that you have to tell the world about your business within the shortest time possible. You can either chose to explain to them by word of mouth of or give them a summarized guide about your business that they can take home.
  • Stress ball: this is something fun to have at the desk and one which your customers will much appreciate. To always remind them where it came from, have your company logo and name on it.
  • Branded screen cleaners are the way to go. They are small and conveniently fit at the back of your phone which you peel off when you need to clean your phone screen and then stick it back. There can never be a better giveaway for smartphone users.
  • Trucker hats: when given to the right target audience, this would be a great giveaway to have in the custom tote bags. For best results, have the company logo engraved at the front of the cap. Men are the best target group to give this as compared to the ladies.
  • Cup covers: these are things you will not remember to buy but come in handy when having a drink outdoors. They have large spaces to print your logo and even company names. These are an excellent way for your target audience to enjoy their favorite beverages outside and continuously reminded of your business.
  • Notebooks and pens: if your clients need to note down something as they go round your premises, then this would be the best giveaway. If you have to explain complex ideas or calculations or easy to forget points, then don’t leave these two out.


Advantages of using custom tote bags

  • Nearly a third of the customers who will come to your premises will have known about your business without you having spent a coin on it. No matter where you live, each day you see many tote bags in use, and you get to know of a new company. It is therefore of utmost importance to ensure that as many bags as possible are out there doing the marketing for you.
  • There is a wide variety of custom tote bags available in the market to suit your needs. There are those that are cheap or expensive, different sizes, different materials, and different colors. It gives you a wide range of options to buy. They are therefore not limiting.
  • There is always the option of hand making your design from scratch. It would be the cheapest way to go even though could be tiresome and labor intensive. But the possibilities are limitless, and you could come up with unique and easy to make designs at a low price. It is beneficial more so for the small businesses.

The idea of custom tote bags for tradeshow giveaway is to ensure that whenever your clients see that bag, they remember the name and logo of your business. It, therefore, increases the chances of them coming back later for more purchases or referring other customers to your premises. It is a way of marketing your business that is very effective once you choose the best bags that work for you. Furthermore, you will not need to break the bank to use tote bags at the tradeshow because they are fairly affordable.

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