One color Print on tote bag

One color Print on tote bag

Creating one-color screen prints on canvas tote bags can be a fun and creative project. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Materials Needed:

  1. Canvas tote bags
  2. Screen printing frame with mesh
  3. Screen printing ink (one color)
  4. Squeegee
  5. Screen printing hinge clamps or tape
  6. Design stencil or screen printing emulsion kit
  7. Light source (if using emulsion kit)
  8. Screen printing press (optional)


Canvas is an extremely heavy-duty, plain-woven fabric, used for making these Canvas Tote Bags for which sturdiness is required.


  1. Design your artwork: Create or choose a design that you want to print on your tote bags. Keep in mind that you're limited to one color for this project.

  2. Prepare the screen: If you're using a stencil, cut it out of a stencil material or paper. If you're using a screen printing emulsion kit, follow the instructions provided to coat your screen with emulsion and expose it to light with your design to create the stencil.

  3. Secure the screen: Attach your screen to the printing press or secure it in place using hinge clamps or tape on a flat surface. Ensure it's tight and secure to prevent any smudging during printing.

  4. Prepare the ink: Place a small amount of your chosen screen printing ink onto one edge of the screen.

  5. Position the tote bag: Lay the canvas tote bag flat on the printing surface, ensuring it's smooth and free of wrinkles. 

  6. Print the design: Lower the screen onto the tote bag, positioning it where you want the design to be. Use the squeegee to apply even pressure as you pull the ink across the screen. Ensure that the ink covers the entire design area.

  7. Lift the screen: Carefully lift the screen away from the tote bag to reveal your printed design.

  8. Dry the print: Allow the ink to dry completely before handling or stacking the tote bags. You can air dry them or use a heat gun or dryer to speed up the process.

  9. Cure the print (if necessary): Depending on the type of ink you're using, you may need to heat set the print to ensure its durability. Follow the instructions provided with your ink for the proper curing process.

  10. Clean up: Clean your screen, squeegee, and printing area thoroughly to remove any excess ink.

Canvas Tote Bags Can Be Used As Well For Our Daily Usage In Which We Can Carry All Of Our Requirements Wherever we Go Work, School, Beach Picnic and park day, and the material with which the Canvas Tote Bags are made is strong enough to carry a sufficient amount of weight.

Repeat these steps for each tote bag you want to print. With practice, you'll be able to create professional-looking one-color screen prints on canvas tote bags.

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