For years, we have always on the hunt for what’s easier. It may be because as cavemen we
were hunters and gathers. Hunting for that easy meal and easy is best simply because it makes
life easier. But, humankind may have been traumatized from all that energy that went into
hunting that we took easy, to a whole other level! Nowadays, with a press of a finger, you get
meals delivered to your door; for a small fee. You get electricity straight to your TV; with a small
fee. You get food already cut up and processed for you to make it last longer and more
convenient; with a small fee. For the most part, everything that is easy comes with a fee.
Using plastic bags came with a fee that we’re now paying the price for. Plastic bags have really
played a role in harming our environment. Of course, plastic bags are only one component to
an array of different other items harming our environment, however, most plastic bags cannot
be recycled and contain toxins within them, that are expelled into the soil and our lands once
they’ve made their way to our garbage. Plastic bags are used by the millions around the world.
Sadly, many have no idea why plastic bags are dangerous to the environment, to animals and us
humans. How could something so convenient be so harmful?
How many bags do you request for once you’ve loaded all your groceries to the conveyor belt
at the grocery store? When shopping at a retail store, how often have we seen one little tiny
top thrown into an oversized plastic bag? Unfortunately, the answer is more often than we
should. Majority of plastic bags are not bio-degradable. They do not break down into the soil so
that it can be used again for other species or our land to use. Instead, they release toxins into
the soil. Even worse, plastic bags are notorious for killing wildlife. Many suffocate in them as
they peak their heads inside as they’re littered all over their homes, or choke on them thinking
its food. Simultaneously, these bags are making their way to our oceans, again causing the
same harm they cause on land, with our marine life. Aquatic animals get stuck in them; choke
on them, all for the sake of human convenience.
Governments, over the years, have tried to lower the use of plastic bags by having a cost for
each bag used for some stores. Some places, have wonderfully banned them altogether.
Regrettably, this is still not enough. So what can we do to help greatly minimize this impact on
our environment?
An enormous solution to this problem is using reusable bags. Reusable bags are just that.
Reusable! Instead of throwing them out, using them over and over again prevents more
garbage going into our landfills and into our environment. Canvas tote bags, unlike regular tote
bags are a lot sturdier and durable making them last years. Canvas tote bags are made of sturdy
fabrics and some are made with leather handles and bottoms allowing you to carry great

amounts in them without ripping apart. Rather than tossing them out after every usage, tucking
them back in the trunk of your car having them readily available for whenever they’re required,
will help avoid using any plastic bags in the future. Some of the canvas tote bags that are made
are also made from bio-degradable material that breaks down if ever thrown out. The usage of
canvas tote bags can eliminate tonnes of garbage and minimize trash in our landfills, lessening
our footprint on Earth.
The usage of canvas tote bags have increased over the years. Many pay the higher upfront price
to them, but consider them a small investment for their everyday lives. What’s even better is
that canvas tote bags are not just meant for groceries, but beautifully designed canvas tote

Canvas Tote Bags
bags are used for travelling, gym bags, an everyday purse, promotional gifts an organization can
use to give away, just about anything. They truly have become the latest it item to carry around
with you for your everyday tasks and errands. They don’t hold onto bad odors as most of the
materials used to make them are breathable. They’re easy to use and easy to wash and being
sustainable is one of the greatest perks to using them.
Canvas tote bags, although many may think they’re your average tote bag, are not just that.

Canvas tote bags are made with much higher end materials and can portray more intricate
designs on them; some even strong enough to become laptop carriers. Despite the materials
used to make them stronger, they maintains its lightweight consistency. Some are intricately
made with some containing more than one compartment. So rather than having just the main
opening of the bag, it can have side pockets, zippers inside with more pockets for additional
compartments and because the material is a lot stronger than your average tote bag you’re
able to comfortably carry really heavy items that would either rip a regular plastic or tote bag. It
can withstand elaborate designs that can withhold detailed logos. On top of all that, they can
withhold higher heat temperatures allowing you to take electronics such as laptops, heating
hair tools and the sort.
In the long run, investing in canvas tote bags is important because using them on a regular basis
will help lessen the amount of garbage entering our environment. Letting family members and
friends borrow them occasionally doubles its use and purpose. They’re versatility cannot steer
you wrong and they simply assist you with everyday errands. If you choose to buy in bulk,
consider the fact that it is a lot better than buying them individually if your sole purpose to use
them is for grocery shopping. Paying that one initial price at the start will help save you cash in
the long run. Buying them individually and using them like a purse, gym bag, laptop bag,
luggage bag is also cost efficient knowing that they will last you a long time, especially with how
popular they’ve become in the last years and seeing no sign of slowing down!


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