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Using Canvas Tote Bags On Craft Projects

Using Canvas Tote Bags On Craft Projects

Using Canvas Tote Bags On Craft Projects

Do you have plain Canvas Tote Bags and have plenty of free time on your hands? Well, this

might be the right time to explore your creativity.
Materials needed
Canvas tote bags
• Paper Doily
• Spray adhesive
• Fabric paint
• A small paint brush
• Freezer paper
• A piece of cardboard the size of the canvas tote bags
• X-Acto knife
• Iron box
Getting started
Setting the design: smear the rough underside of the doily with adhesive and press it hard on
the section of the canvas tote bags you want designing. Leave part of the doily hanging or not
stuck on the tote for ease of removal when done. Using the paintbrush, apply fabric paint on
the doily, careful not to touch the sides.
Immediately after applying the fabric paint and while the paint is still wet, peel of the Doily
starting from the ganging edge, in case it tears while not completely off the Cute canvas tote bags,
remove the remaining pieces and then leave the paint to dry completely.
As for the monogram that you want to use, type the letter on a computer word document.
Choose the font size and type that you want. Print it out on a piece of paper. Trace out the
printout on a freeze paper and do away with the printout. Place the freeze paper on the
cardboard and use the X-acto knife to cut out the letter. Discard the letter to remain with the
stencil. Place the matte stencil upside down at the middle of the doily design, or wherever you
want it on the canvas tote bags. Press down with an iron box set to the highest temperature.
Do not move the iron up and down. Fill in the letter with paint, allow it to dry then remove the
freezer paper.

Canvas Tote Bags

Finalizing: press the doily and the letter with an iron set to the highest temperature for about a
minute. It ensures that paint and monogram do not come off in future while you are washing
the canvas tote bags.

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